When to Hire Movers and When to DIY

If you need to move you may be considering the best way to go about it. Some popular moving options include doing it yourself, hiring professional moving services, or a combination of the two. Deciding on which is the best option for you will depend on various factors including your budget, moving time frame, the volume and complexity of your move, and if you have people to help you move.

This article will look at the benefits and downsides of these options to help you choose what is most suitable for your move.

Hiring Professional Movers

Things to consider when deciding to hire a moving company is how much stuff you have, your time flexibility, and where you are moving to. Do you require long distance moving services, or are you moving locally? Do you have a lot of stuff, or heavy items like gym equipment or appliances? Are you moving any special items like a pool table or a Grand Piano? Do you need to move anything up or down flights of stairs? In most of these situations professional movers in Kitchener are the way to go. They can get the job done efficiently, while protecting your belongings and saving you from potentially backbreaking physical labor. With that said, hiring professional moving services is costly, and if this is the option you would like to use then you should budget accordingly. 

In the event that you wish to save some money, or have a lot of time flexibility with your move, then moving on your own may be more feasible. If moving on your own we would suggest allocating friends or family who can help you with the move. We do not recommend doing everything on your own, as that can be difficult and potentially dangerous. 

Hiring Professional Movers on a Budget

An alternative option to hiring a full service moving company to handle every aspect of your move, is hiring movers only for the minimal absolutely necessary items. This option is great when you are on a budget, but still want experienced movers to help with the heavy items and loading and unloading the truck. You can take care of all the packing and moving of boxes and light items, and leave the brunt of the work for your movers.  Most local moving companies have a minimum time requirement. When you call your local movers be sure to inquire what their minimum fees are and how much time that would cover. This way you can plan what you will want them to focus on, and what you will take care of.  

Pros to Hiring Movers

Some of the reasons you should consider hiring the best movers in town include:

  • Fast and efficient moving services: Professional movers will work quickly, handling all aspects of the move. They will disassemble and reassembly furniture, wrap and protect your belongings, and handle all the heavy items.
  • Your belongings are protected: An established moving company is licensed and bonded, which means that they take responsibility for your items. In the event that something is damaged you will be covered by insurance.
  • Professional movers are trained and experienced to handle your move, no matter how complicated or large it may seem. They will take the stress out of your moving experience.
  • A full service moving company offers a variety of services for you to choose from: Including packing and unpacking, secure storage, man power, and disposal services. The vast range of services will have you covered at every point, so you can decide how much or how little moving you want to do.
  • They are equipped with packing materials and moving supplies: Local movers come stocked with dollies, shrink wrap, tape, and moving blankets. You can also purchase additional items that you may need including boxes, wardrobes, mattress covers, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Strong movers will lift your heavy Items: If you have heavy furniture, appliances, or gym equipment, it can be dangerous to try and move these items yourself, especially when having to move them up or down stairs.
  • Specialty items like Pianos or pool tables require professional movers to transport them safely. Hiring movers to move a piano or pool table is a smart investment to protect your expensive special items.

Hiring Movers in a Smart Investment

Hiring the professionals to move your home is well worth it. The costs that can arise when you choose to do the move yourself can cost you more than if you would have hired movers to begin with. Unforeseen expenses can accumulate from damage to belongings, physical strains and injuries, and that moving may take substantially longer on your own than if you let the movers do it.  

To summarize this article, the major factors to consider when deciding if to hire movers include:

  • The volume of belongings you need to move
  • Your time flexibility
  • Your budget
  • Are you moving locally or long-distances?
  • Do you require manpower to help?
  • Do you have the vehicle available to transport your belongings
  • Do you have a driver to driver to drive the truck
  • Do you require additional services like packing, storage, or disposal?

Call High Level Movers Kitchener for Professional Moving Services 

After reading this article, we hope you feel more confident in making your decision if to hire movers or to do it yourself.  At High Level Movers Kitchener we will work with your budget and listen to your specific moving needs. We offer transparent prices, so there are no unexpected surprises along the way. We also insure your belongings so that your items are protected throughout the moving process. Our friendly customer service representatives are happy to assist you, so give us a call to plan your upcoming move.