Two Reviews from Our Happy Customers in Kitchener

Hiring a moving company to move your home or business can save you a lot of time, energy, and stress. This is especially true when you have a lot of items to move, including expensive, heavy and oversized items such as appliances, gym equipment, a piano, etc. Moving a treadmill up or down a flight of stairs is extremely difficult and may require several men to do it safely. Moving a Piano can require a specific style of wrapping and extra care and considerations in order to keep the expensive instrument safe. Moving a billiard table is exceptionally challenging, and requires complicated disassembly in order to correctly move. 

We do not recommend that anyone attempt to complete a large move on their own. You can try asking friends or family for help, but that can leave you in a position where you are overly relying on others. More so, if you utilize non-professional help to move your home, then you effectively risk damaging your property or your belongings. When you consider the value of your freshly painted walls, new hardwood floors, or the cost of your fragile and expensive items, it begins to make more sense… Damages can quickly and easily add up and end up costing you much more than the move would have cost had you hired professionals. Not to mention the stress, the physical strain, the risk of injury, and the added time it took since you are not trained at moving.  Hiring a professional moving company in Kitchener is the way to go!

Professional Movers

Our client Donovan called us to handle his very large move. At first he had considered doing it himself, but when he started packing he understood that there was an exceptional amount of things to do; it was overwhelming to say the least. He recognized that utilizing a moving company was a necessary investment. He did his research to find a high quality and reliable moving company that had experienced and trained employees. After doing a little bit of research he was confident that he called the right company. He knew he could trust us, that we offered full transparency, and we would take responsibility for his belongings.

Donovan’s move was completed in an efficient manner. His movers had a positive attitude, and were polite and courteous. He was so pleased that he left a positive review of his experience.

Thank you for the feedback Donovan! It was a pleasure working for you.

Bob and Brad were extremely courteous, professional and great at their job. We had a big move and the two of them knocked it out faster than I could’ve imagined. Great work fellas y’all deserve a steak and some rest! I’ll definitely be using recommending this company and using them again in the future.

Piano moving services are serious business

piano moversBefore hiring a moving company to complete your move, clients should definitely conduct their due-diligence to ensure the company they are hiring has professional movers that are trained to handle their specific service requirements. An example of this is moving a piano or a grand piano. Pianos are very expensive and may carry a lot of sentimental value. Piano movers are trained to handle these expensive pieces in a precise manner. They require special disassembly and care to ensure they are not damaged along the way.

Our client, Dingo, hired us to move him from Kitchener to downtown Toronto. He was very concerned with how we would take care of his antique piano, which he specified is a very valuable family arlum.  We made sure to send a team of movers that were trained with piano moving. They knew how to wrap it securely and to utilize dollies to load  it correctly onto the truck. They also used harnesses to secure the piano on the truck for its safe relocation.  The contents of the apartment, along with the piano, were loaded promptly and carefully. The movers  were also conscious with their driving as they relocated to an apartment several hours away. 

At the drop off location everything was unloaded, unwrapped, and set into their respective spaces. Our client, Dingo, was ecstatic with how quickly and smoothly the move transpired. Dingo also was kind enough to leave positive feedback on his move in the form of the review.

Thank you Dingo, it was a pleasure moving you. 

Now that I finally have a day off due to the holiday, I can post my glowing review for High Level Movers service and their personnel. They moved me downtown in the middle of June and they were absolutely terrific. Great job and I would absolutely use you again and recommend you to any of my friends or colleagues. The guys were professional and courteous and mindful of the fact that my piano is very important to my family.