We are the best last minute movers in Kitchener! The most horrible situation is when you discover that you need to change place, but you have no time to prepare. But there is no need to get worried about this. The most reliable last-minute moving services Kitchener Waterloo is the one who can help you out. No matter whenever you book your move we perform our duties with the same effectiveness.

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A detailed plan is required when a great task is to be undertaken. This is true for your relocation too. The earlier you start scheduling for it, the smoother it is carried out. When we are here, you need not to bother yourself. Our moving and storage crews sketch out your complete move, carry out inventory and hand over all tasks for efficient time and money management. We keep you well-versed at all times and make sure that you are part of the solution.

How to conduct a last minute move

In case of a last minute move, first of all, you should find a decent moving assistance in Kitchener, and book your perfect movers. Every move needs to be well planned out. You will not have too much time to do this. However, you can still make a moving list. This should be a checklist with all of the most important tasks you should perform for a successful move.

Get rid of the unnecessary things

The more things you have more expensive the move will be. We charge by the hour and if there are too many things to load or unload the price will be higher. Go home and collect all of the things you don’t need. You can put them into piles for donating, recycling or selling. If you donate to a charity you will get a tax refund.

Ask for help

Since this is a last minute move here is a tip your last minute movers have. Ask for help when deciding what to pack and when decluttering your house. If you do it by yourself you will get overwhelmed. Ask your friend to help. You can organize a packing party and declutter your house in no time with the help of your friends.

Leave some tasks for us

Last minute moves can be tricky and hectic. You will probably feel lost and disorganized. That is why we are here to help. We also offer professional packing services. We will wrap and secure your furniture. We will do a professional and thorough packing service so that you will not have to worry about your belongings.

What are the qualities good last minute movers offers need to have

You are probably wondering what are the qualities good movers should have. We think that these qualities are

  • Being professional
  • Always being punctual
  • Being precise

We are Professionals Movers!

We are insured and licensed.  This is required and every serious and professional moving company needs to have all of the necessary documents and licenses. We have moving trucks in excellent condition, as well as all of the necessary packing and moving equipment. This is also a sign of professionalism.

We are precise

We will always give you precise and correct quotes and estimates. We offer in-home estimates. Our professionals will come to your home and make an estimate based on what they see. This way you will get a precise price estimate. We will also give you the information about any extra costs. Everything will be precise and transparent.

We are punctual

One of the most important qualities the best movers in Kitchener has should possess is punctuality. This might as well be the most important quality. We will always try to be there in time, even before the scheduled moving time. Tardiness is a sign of bad service and we try to provide an impeccable service by always being punctual.

Moving Services



Whatever be your relocation needs be, our expert moving services Kitchener and Waterloo, are the best guys for the job.

  • High Level Movers Kitchener moving company that provides every type of services and in the GTA, throughout Waterloo, Ontario, and across Canada. In fact, we are a certified moving company that offers advanced services to our customers. It will be good to say that we are incomparable to any usual moving and storage company.
  • We ensure professional moves. All of our movers are meticulously trained. They are all set with all the skills required for incomparable and speedy moving. We are well familiar with the fact that moving can be too stressful, so we take extra measures to make your moving day as hassle-free as possible.
  • High Level Movers value your items as if they were their own belongings. Brittle items and delicate furniture are secured in special coverings. These materials come included in our services.
  • We are devoted to offering a large range of services to cater to all of your moving requirements. If you are moving a house across Canada, transferring an office, or just require manpower for the day, we do everything for you. Along with this, we also offer packing, cleaning, and disposal services.

We cherish other important qualities as well

  • Understanding is important because it will ensure that the communication between team members, as well as between us and the clients goes smoothly. We will always try to understand the client’s needs.
  • Leadership is something we need to have. Our crew is numerous and we have to cherish leadership skills. This is necessary in order to successfully manage the team of workers.
  • Accountability is another important quality. We will always feel responsible. We hold accountability for your belongings. We also hold accountability when it comes to providing a great service. You can always count on us.
  • Ambition is another characteristic that we think is important. We are always ready for a challenging move. May it be a difficult approach or a heavy object we know we will find a way to make it happen.
  • Flexibility is of crucial importance in some cases. We know that from our vast experience. You may suddenly change your plans and we will be ready to adapt to your needs as much as possible.

If you have a need to urgently move your office, think twice whether or not you should try doing it on your own. Especially if you have some precise machinery or expensive equipment. You will still have to do all the work as if you had months until your relocation. Hence, why not simply hire our last minute movers Kitchener to help you pack and move everything properly and with time to spare.

Our prime motive is customer satisfaction. High Level Movers takes moving to the next level. Contact us anytime, our phone lines are open 24/7. We look ahead to relocating you and your dear ones.