Local Kitchener Move – Unexpected Surprise When Moving

What’s the one thing you can always expect when moving? The unexpected! 

The bad news is that sometimes surprises happen during moves, and they usually are not favorable. On one of the busiest days of the month, our client, Liat, got some unexpected news from her building in Kitchener. She was set to move with us at 9am that morning, and her condominium had called and notified her that they accidentally double booked the elevator for that spot. There were no other available spots for the elevator that day. The building had told Liat that she would have to share her three hour time slot with the other resident that was moving.  They would need her to move all of her contents out in a 90 minute time frame. Liat called us at 7am that morning in a panic. She had originally hired two movers and a truck to move her out of a 1 bedroom plus den unit. We proposed that she take an additional two men, so the move would be completed twice as fast.  Luckily we were able to coordinate another team and had the four movers show up to her condo at 9am sharp. 

High Level Movers

The good news is Liat was prepared. Everything was packed, labeled, and ready to go at the entrance way. All that had to be done was some wrapping of furniture and disassembling her bed. We had 2 movers focused on wrapping and disassembling furniture, while the other two began to load the elevator and take things down into the truck. Liat was incredibly nervous, but within the first 15 minutes of us getting to work, she took a step back and took a few good deep breaths. She saw that we were professional and were there to get the job done, no matter the limitations or unexpected circumstances. Our confidence helped her feel confident in us. 

High Level Movers

The great news is that four Kitchener movers were able to move all of her contents out of her condo in about 75 minutes, leaving 15minutes to spare! Our client was so happy, she even brought us a cake while we were unloading her things into her new home in Waterloo. The entire move was completed in 3 hours, and the client left a very happy review to reflect on her positive experience. Thank you Liat for letting us move you into your new home!

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Movers had the task of moving all furniture out of my condo in 90 minutes. I needed a team off 4 guys to get it done in time, but wow they were super!!!! worked cohesively and with great communication and cooperation. Highly recommend!! Transparent prices, hard workers, worth every penny.