How Many Movers Should I Hire?

Moving is a very stressful task that can come with many costs and unexpected surprises. Sometimes people opt to move their home themselves in order to save money.

Moving on your own can be a very great task to handle and comes with many risks. There is a lot to consider when moving a home, such as packing, purchasing packing supplies, disassembling furniture, safely handling heavy items, and securing belongings to a truck for their safe relocation. The truth is, that hiring professional Kitchener movers is a wise investment that can save your time, energy, and will give you peace of mind. Hiring professional movers may also end up costing you less than doing it on your own and ending up with costly damages.


If you are planning to hire local movers to move your home, then be sure to do your research to get an idea of what this move may cost you. A full service moving company can offer convenient add ons, but these will sure affect your final bill. If you are working within a budget then it is best to decide what services you really need, and what can be done on your own. Some clients prefer to use less movers and help with the move in order to reduce cost. Clients can also choose to move small items on their own, leaving the larger items for their movers to handle. 

When you call your local moving company, a customer service representative will guide you through the moving process and try to work within your budget. A professional moving company will be able to offer tips and guidance as to how to complete your move in an efficient and price-conscious manner. The top moving companies in town will provide you with a quote that offers transparent prices and a detailed breakdown of your moving and payment process.


If you are working with strict time limitations, then being prepared is key. If you are moving from an apartment you may have limited elevator times. If you are selling a house you may have strict move-in and move-out time frames to meet. Your trusted moving company’s representatives will be able to consider all of your time limitations and make a plan that will meet them . Oftentimes clients will be asked to consider hiring additional movers in order to meet time demands. The important point to note is that hiring multiple movers does not mean your bill will necessarily be more. Most professional moving companies price their residential and local moves by the time it takes to complete the move. Clients are essentially paying the same rate per mover per unit of time. In these cases adding more movers would not increase the final bill, since the time to complete the move would be reduced. The bill would effectively balance itself out. 


When planning your residential move clients should consider the size of their home and the amount of stuff they have. A larger volume would take more time, and possibly require additional moving trucks. Also, if you are moving several appliances, or large or heavy items like a piano, opting for additional movers in these case would be a wise decision.  

If you are moving a business or office then it is important to consider the size of the unit being moved, the volume of items, time limitations, and the complexity of the move. Large industrial items would require additional movers. Similarly, complicated access points, like a building without elevator access, or a large warehouse with long hallways would pose a greater physical demand. Commercial moving services with these factors would be suggested to hire additional movers.


In general, most moving companies follow the rule of thumb, that if you are moving a three bedroom house or larger than a minimum of three movers would be required. Clients definitely do not want to find themselves in a situation where the move could not be completed on that day, and had to be continued onto the following day. If your move requires multiple trucks, keep in mind that each truck can accommodate up to three movers. 

For a general idea on the number of movers your home may require, you may refer to the table below:

Dwelling SizeNumber of MoversAvg. Time to Load & Unload
Bachelor/studio2 movers3-6 hours
1 bedroom2 movers4-7 hours
2 bedroom2-3 movers5-9 hours
3 bedroom3-6 movers6-12 hours
4 bedroom +3-9 movers6+ hours

This table is for reference purposes only and may not reflect the actual time of your move. Many factors go into affecting the time it would take to complete your move that cannot be accounted for on a general table.

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